Good Cola®

A feel-good soda from Good Sodas®

→ Fermented

We have based our soda on a fermentation of apple concentrate by lactic acid bacteria.

→ Organic

We only use organic and natural ingredients.

→ Caffeine free

We don’t use natural or added synthetic caffeine.

→ Reduced sugar

We have reduced the sugar in our soda by 50% in comparison to the conventional sodas in the market.


With Good Cola®, we wanted to get back to the roots - the original taste of pure cola with that fizzy caramel taste with a fresh citrus finish.

As opposed to conventional sodas, Good Cola® is brewed, not mixed.

By brewing with fermented organic apple and lactic acid bacteria, our cola becomes a functional soft drink with probiotic features which is good for your stomach and helps with digestion.

In addition to increasing the release of vitamins and minerals, the fermentation process also provides complexity and debt to Good Cola®.

Tease your taste buds with caffeine-free, aromatic, natural cola that despite its 50% sugar reduction, explodes in your mouth with notes of cinnamon, lime, apple, anis, and orange leaving you thirsty for more.

Good Sodas®
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